Yard House Monday Night Football Happy Hour – Turn Happy Hour Into an Entire Night of Football

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Monday Night Football, happy hour, beer and nachos are a match made in sports fan heaven. This is 2017, Yard House thought they should elevate the experience and they went above and beyond, taking caring happy hour to the end of the night and creating nachos that are unlike any nachos you ever experienced while watching football.

Poke Nachos

Yard House decided that Monday Night Football is much more than just the game and so they are giving the fans the treat of catching all the action each week at Yard House with a Happy Hour that kicks off at 3 p.m. and extends until closing. Get to Yard House early or stay late, this gives you the great option to turn this into a fun night at happy hour prices while you enjoy the pre and post-game as well as the game itself.

Yard House Pizza

What you will love about the Yard House happy hour is this is not your typical bar food and nothing quite proves that like the poke nachos. Fair warning, once you have tried the poke nachos you will be addicted and you will never be able to look at any other nachos the same way again. Yard House gives you some beautiful marinated raw ahi that they don’t skimp on the portions and it is complimented by a plethora of favors including; sweet soy sauce, sriacha aioli, white truffle sauce and finished off with cilantro and serranos.

Classic Sliders

In addition you can choose from the classic sliders that are tender and juicy and are simply burger perfection. There is also ahi sashimi, the decadent spinach cheese dip and if for some reason ahi tuna is not something you choose to order, the chicken nachos are a wonderful second choice.

“We love NFL season at Yard House,” said Michael Kneidinger, president of Yard House. “Monday Night Football is when we crank up the sound and extend our Happy Hour until closing. Best of all, Happy Hour is available from any seat in the house – not just the bar.”


Since there is no bad seat in the restaurant to watch the game, Yard House doesn’t limit its Monday Night Football specials to the signature center- island bar. Guests can order from the Happy Hour menu from any seat in the house. A fleet of flat screens are positioned throughout the restaurant so guests can enjoy the play-by-play action.

We can’t forget the beer, this is Yard House and they have more beer selections than you can fit in over the course of the football season. Yard House averages over 130 tap beers per restaurant and in addition they have added the innovative “Chalkboard Series,” which is reserved for seasonal and small-batch selections.

When it comes to beer and having such a wide selection, a knowledgeable person to help you is a must. Everyone at Yard House knows their beers and just by a few comments about what I was looking for I was steered towards two fabulous beers that I would have never selected on my own. The Noble Naughty Sauce and Dragon’s Milk. The Naughty Sauce is a very unusual golden stout that while not dark in color it has all of the richness and depth you would expect in a stout that combines oats, milk sugar and Portola Coffee to give it the unique color and great taste. Finally I was leaning towards a Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Stout, but my server suggested going with the Yard House creating peanut butter and jelly version that is topped off with Lindeman’s Framboise. What a wonderful selection as the combination brings the two together exactly as if you were making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, just a true delicacy.

If you don’t know what you are looking for or you want to try something a little different when it comes to beer, cocktails or food, put yourself in the capable hands of the Yard House staff and you will not leave disappointed. If you are still undecided, you can always order a build your own beer sampler pack to get a taste of wide variety of beers.

Yard House has set themselves apart from everyone else and it is truly the place to be for Monday Night Football whether your team is playing or if you just want to hang out with friends after work. But don’t limit yourself to Monday nights at Yard House. From lunch to the weekends, Yard House has a menu that will wow you far beyond happy hour.

For more information, visit: Yard House and for the Yard House located in Brea, visit: Brea. Also look out for Yard House to open a location in Carlsbad in fall of 2017 as I am sure they will take advantage of one of the beer hotspots in all of the United States.

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