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Mission Statement:

The mission of Splash Magazines Worldwide is to explore and learn about new places, events, and products currently available, and to explore new ideas. Our journalists are encouraged to reach out and participate in new and unique experiences, sharing what they have discovered with our readers so that the reader is drawn in to the experience. Our extensive inclusion of photos and videos in our articles enhances our stories, allowing our readers to enter a special world as they read Splash Magazine Worldwide stories.

About us:

Splash Magazines Worldwide is an online lifestyle resource covering varied and unusual aspects of life around the globe. The magazine was established by Lawrence Davis in 1999 as a hobby, and then it became an obsession.  It has grown to include journalists and readers from around the world.

Davis started Splash Magazines Worldwide after being involved with another small publication in. To his surprise, he found he enjoyed the publishing business so much that he decided to create a magazine of his own. Davis liked telling people the magazine was a hobby turned obsession and, in fact, he often spent over 100 hours a week working on the publication. With his passion Davis was able to see Splash Magazines grow into a worldwide trusted source for information covering events, from the biggest to the smallest in the worlds of fashion, entertainment, travel and technology.

Lawrence Davis held the office of Publisher/Editor-in-Chief until his passing in Jan 2015. Keeping the legacy alive, his sister Barbara Keer, and her team of trusted journalists travel the world to bring their millions of readers content that lives up to the promise of “adding style to your life ™”

Splash Magazines covers five different categories including, Entertainment, Eats & Drinks, Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty, and Travel. The magazines also publishes an extremely popular gift guide for each section, both annual guides that are updated weekly, and holiday specific gift guides to ensure their readers can find the best products available.

Journalists have opportunities to attend amazing events, enjoy delectable food at restaurants, or explore travel that often includes comfortable hotel rooms around the globe in addition to tours and amazing opportunities.  Sharing their experiences with millions of readers becomes an additional bonus.

We hope you will enjoy Splash Magazines as much as we do!