Truly Clear – Make Acne Issues Truly Gone

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If acne is an issue for you and the over-the-counter or traditional three-step acne treatment either doesn’t work or seemingly takes forever to work, meet the one-step solution, Truly Clear.

The number of reasons to give Truly Clear a try is long and is as convincing as the product itself. Truly Clear is a one-step acne treatment, 98.42% natural, that kills acne, clears up acne prone skin, helps prevent future acne breakouts, penetrates deep into pores, reduces pore size, gently cleanses, removes make up, exfoliates skin, reduces pore size, tightens skin, skin feels refreshed and clear, promotes healthy skin, pH balance, it is vegan friendly and gluten free, contains the FDA approved acne ingredient salicylic acid, save Our Oceans-100% recyclable, paper packaging, no plastic bottles and finally it is handcrafted in Vermont, making it a made in the USA product you can be proud to purchase.

Truly Clear’s introduced their Truly Gone Acne Fighting Zone Patches designed to target specific larger areas to attack the T-zone, forehead, chin or cheeks from blemishes, remove pus and protect them from dirt. 

These invisible, ultra-thin and breathable patches with an easy peel design provide a natural and gentle formula to reduce the redness of blemishes and protect against external contact so acne is able to heal. Each patch contains high-grade Hydrocolloid that helps the area remain moist while absorbing secretions like oil. Recommended for use before makeup application to avoid further irritation. The patches are latex and gluten-free, as well as vegan. 

Truly Clear’s Truly Gone Acne Fighting Zone Patches are available on Amazon, Walmart and at Truly Clear. Pack of 10 Patches in 3 different sizes – MSRP: $50

For more information, visit: Truly Clear

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