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Have the opportunity to watch three-time MVP Mike Trout, along with 2021 MVP, Shohei Ohtani, is reason enough to head to Angel Stadium for a baseball game, but 2022 offers a whole lot more. A very elevated food menu throughout the stadium along with special sections and Brewery X located in the right field club level will make every game that much more enjoyable.

Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich

Angel Stadium really has a seat and experience for everyone and this beautifully designed stadium does not have a bad seat in the house. It is hard to beat the Lexus Diamond Club experience, but you also have a wide variety of suites that can fit nearly any size party, new this year is Brewery X located at the right field club level, you can visit Strike Zone Chicken in section 223 and Big A Burger stands located in sections 106 and 226.

Brewery X is home to beer from this local Anaheim brewery and is a true must experience part of Angel Stadium. The beer lineup is about as good as you will find in any ballpark across America. The Brewery X IPA is hoppy and has everything you want in a powerfully strong IPA and for the more subtle IPA, the Slap & Tickle is less hoppy but still full of flavorful and a wide range of fruit notes throughout. There really is a beer for everyone at Brewery X and they also have a nice selection of seltzers, including the made for a hot summer day at the ballpark, watermelon and lime version. If you are planning on visiting Brewery X, reservations are a great idea.

Carne Asada French Fries

Executive Chef Hugo Miranda decided that the menu throughout Angel Stadium was going to go well beyond what you find at a typical baseball game. One way Chef Hugo set his menu apart was by using a number of different beers from Brewery X in his recipes. One of the highlights of the menu is the giant pretzel that is handmade daily and with it comes an incredible in-house made mustard that has layer after layer of flavor. As you can imagine, Angel Stadium has a plethora of dining options and locations and Chef Hugo is able to keep every experience at a high level no matter what you choose to eat or drink at Angel Stadium.

If you are looking for a hot dog, you might try other stadiums. If you want a delicacy in a hot dog bun, Angel Stadium is for you. The two must try dogs are the pastrami dog and nacho dog and both live up to the billings of their name and are loaded with ingredients.

Teriyaki Chicken Bowl

You might need all 81 home games to eat your way through the lengthy menu, some of the highlights include: beef birria tacos, chorizo nachos, bbq tangy chicken wings, carne asada fries and the Korean fried chicken sandwich which is part of a group of new fried chicken sandwiches you will find at Angels Stadium.

In addition to the baseball, the food and the atmosphere, you can’t forget about the gameday giveaway promotions the Angels do throughout the year. The year will also be a well-deserved celebration of MVP Shohei Ohtani, who has three different bobbleheads that will be given away in his honor.

Birthday Cake Dessert

Pastrami and Nacho Dog

BBQ tangy chicken wings

House Made Jumbo Pretzel

Meatballs & Marinara Sauce – Diamond Club In-Seat Exclusive

If you are looking to enjoy everything that your imagination conjures up when you think of going to a baseball game, Angel Stadium is the place to be. The baseball, the food and the beauty of Southern California are all center stage, but in addition the staff at Angel Stadium is as good as it gets. 2022 is definitely a year that their are high expectations for the baseball team and while enjoying the game you will always be guaranteed a great day at the ballpark when you visit Angel Stadium.

Angel Stadium

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