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I use my laptop computer a lot and I like the way it is set up.  However, the memory in the computer was extremely limited and I wanted to keep this computer.  While friends referred to computer experts they use online with shared screens in glowing terms, this was not for me. Fortunately, a friend told me about a local expert, Vishal Vaid, who has repaired her computer. She said he is brilliant.  I needed his help.

My computer is not new but it works for me.  We understand one another and I did not want to replace it.  Enter the “brilliant” Vishal Vaid, a miracle worker.  There were many problems with my computer, limited capacity was probably the most serious but once the memory was added, I need to replace “word” and then it was clear the battery was swelling and needed to be replaced.

I am happy to report that Vishal did it all. I am still shaking my head, realizing how fortunate I was to find someone who would work with me in-person and not on Zoom, even come to my house.  Vishal clearly explained what he could do, how much it would cost and what he would advise.  Then he did just what he promised, making it possible for me to share his story.

Vishal is very pleasant and professional.  For some of the repair work, he needed to take the computer with him but returned it the next day. He also needed to complete the battery installation at my house.  Here, he worked efficiently.  He left everything in tip top shape.  After he looked over a desktop computer to give me an estimate, he was on his way, probably to help someone else with a computer that needed help.

On his website I found the story of how Vaid Corp came to be.

  • VaidCorp Systems Solutions started in Evanston, IL in 1998, when Northwestern University student and founding member Vishal Vaid took freelance jobs helping professors and affiliates of the University with home office setup and support, and providing help desk support for those clients and their referrals.  After graduating, Vishal went on to work for Accenture, BearingPoint, and Deloitte, helping Fortune 100/500 companies solve a multitude of their emerging IT and business needs.  During this time, he continued building his personal small business client base on weekends, until 2007, when he left the “Big Consulting” world and dedicated his focus to small businesses in the Chicagoland area, providing the services of an in-house IT Department, the methodology and best practices of a large consulting firm, and adding the value and efficient execution to small businesses that only another small business can provide. 

  • As technology trends emerge, develop, bake, and eventually obsolesce, VaidCorp Systems Solutions works with its clients to demystify technical complexity, minimize disruption and business impact, plan and implement new technologies as-needed and justified, marry older and legacy technologies as appropriate, and navigate our clients’ IT waters the only way we know how: with the practical, sensibly-priced, and most of all, effective solutions we would expect any vendor to provide to us.  This emphasis on integrity and advocacy as allowed us to grow alongside our clients and build lasting relationships based on trust, hard work, and the gracious stream of referrals to new clients and projects that comes with it.  We are proud of the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience we obtain from the work we do, and continue to refine our service offerings, solutions, and approach with every new technical challenge that comes our way. 

Photos of Vishal Vaid replacing a battery: B. Keer unless otherwise noted.

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