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The landscape of business is changing. It is deepening. It’s foliage blossoming with women who are breaking free of the masculine matrix of success, impact and wealth creation.

It’s wild.
It’s free. 

And Rhonda Swan; CEO of the Unstoppable Branding Agency [A top PR & Branding Firm for entrepreneurs] is leading the wave of soulful feminine leadership and authenticity, to stand powerfully in its place. 

It wasn’t by accident that she was called into her most recent awakening, it was divine timing, and she knew it. 

Instead of resisting the call, she leant in.

Recently, Rhonda spent 5 days sitting by the crackling of a fire in the bali hinterland, anchoring her relationship with herself, practicing deep forgiveness while allowing the expanse of her mission to move deeper within and ignite every cell of her body. 

What seems like a ‘woo-woo’ experience that might hold little weight in a male dominated conversation, the rise of conscious female leadership, impact and wealth creation, demands it. 

I recently sat down with Rhonda to open up this conversation. Her energy wrapped me in a big warm hug and immediately magnetized me toward her. 

‘Those 5 days were one of the greatest awakenings I’ve ever had! 
With no distractions, I was raw and one with nature.  
I was on a water fast, with zero amenities, other than a three walled hut and a bed.
I sat with myself giving gratitude to Mother Earth. 
Connecting with The Creator, truly allowed the layers to start unfolding.’

Vulnerability and connection is the new feminine strategy to creating wealth as a woman. It demands that we break the constructs of traditional business, rewrite the rules, and embrace new, heartled strategies to ensure success and an impact that sticks!  

Rhonda navigated her way through the masculine corporate world, fighting through burnout and stress, to make millions. She now recognizes that as women, we get to change the world with our voices and make money, while elevating our relationships, through doing business and life differently. Where women are rooted in their divine feminine, where intuition reigns, and the impact of soul feminine leadership, breaks generational paradigms of suppression.

Through moments of rawness and a willingness to dive deeper into new levels of self-mastery, leaders like Rhonda, serve as catalysts for women to ignite the richness within. 

“Sitting by the fire, I was visited by ancestors and women who came before me. Their presence allowed me to tap deeply into myself as a woman, and to see how I had navigated so heavily in my masculine for so many years. 
The connection with Mother Earth, and the communication I had with ancestors of the stars and ancestors of the Earth, allowed me to really, truly understand what it means to say we are one, and that we are so protected and guided.”

Doing business and stepping into fierce feminine leadership, doesn’t mean that we let all the masculine energy go. It is important that female leaders learn to embody polarity and acknowledge where the structure and strategy of the masculine, allows for true freedom,  amplified creativity and play, giving feminine leadership its power and magnetism. 

It is about being present, being self-aware and understanding that our magic and medicine is in unplugging from the masculine matrix of a world where we are disconnected from the heartbeat of our business. 

“Feminine Leadership is about listening and compassion. Not just listening, but being wise through understanding that every perspective comes from a story, and that we are ‘meaning making machines’, and as humans, we carry identities that keep us safe. 

We take on ways of navigating when we get triggered. 

Now as a Conscious Leader, I am aware of all these things, which allows me to manage what takes place on a day to day basis, and to better guide my team and clients through times of stress, or triggers that they may not realize are part of their past traumas. 

Everything is about awareness. When we are equipped with it, we better navigate the challenging landscape of having an impact and building relationships’

Amidst the day-to-day hustle of productivity pressure and KPI’s, breaking free of the masculine matrix of business and the old paradigms of leadership, will demand a skill set that can only be acquired in nature

Where you truly, unplug. 

Where you learn to listen and to deeply hear yourself and your intuition speak. 

Where you find awareness, a certain stillness and the space to be, ALL OF YOU. 

This is an essential strategy to stepping into grounded Feminine Leadership. It will challenge every fibre of your being, until it doesn’t.

‘Being aware of how supported we are, and not feeling that pressure that you have to hustle all the time to be productive. 

It is the complete opposite.

It’s about tapping into your divine intuition, feeling into your body. Breaking out of the numbness that so many of us had because in corporate, we were told and expected to not have emotion, to not talk about our cycles, to not be a woman! To simply be a machine that produces! 

It doesn’t have to be that way. We get to flow with our natural cycles, and who we are with our intuition in any industry! 

It is a calmer and more open way of navigating. In fact, now my business relationships have shifted greatly, because now I’m sitting grounded, more certain and tapped into my power.’

It’s time that we unshackle ourselves from the stories and strategies we’ve been told. It’s time to create success and lean into our intuition. To celebrate that being a woman is an honor, and use our power to stand up, to stand together as nature intended, to move mountains. 

            ‘I used to think being vulnerable was weak in business. Now vulnerability holds so much 

power and wisdom, and it allows trust, and a more complete relationship with yourself and your business.’

When we, like Rhonda Swan, lead from a place of divine power, through wisdom and knowing, we ensure that change may continue to flourish for generations to come. 

And that is a future that this planet needs. 

Rhonda’s best selling book; Women Gone Wild. The Feminine Guide to Fearless Living launched August 17th. An anthology with 22 women that have broken out of the proverbial cage, taken their life under control and are on a mission to inspire women around the world to go after their dreams,to be authentic and to be, WILD.

Photo Credits: Unstoppable Branding Agency
Written by Shannon Rose 

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