Thailand – The things I miss, I will be back!

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I have lived in Bangkok for the past 9 years and now after being back in the US for only 6 months there’s definitely things I miss about Thailand.  


Shorts year round

Where else could you wear shorts year round!  My blood has definitely thinned and so when temps go below 65 I really start to feel it. Thailand has two seasons….hot and dam hot.   Sometimes the humidity can be a bit much and it’s time to find a Mall with AC or get to a swimming pool.  A glass of wine or cold beer in a chilled pub is always another option.

*THE THAI PEOPLE – “land of smiles”

There are many countries in the world with warm and welcoming people, but Thailand just seems to stand above them all. I’ve never experienced such hospitality anywhere in the country.

No wonder the airlines of the world come to recruit their flight attendants from Thailand.

My first experience was when out searching how to get a boat up the Chao Praya River to visit the Grand Palace. I asked a Thai woman on the streets if she could direct me.  She pointed and then just walked me 4 blocks to the pier and parted with a big smile. 

 I believe a lot of this kindness comes from their following of buddhism and strong family upbringing.

*SIGHTS & ACTIVITIES – From North to South

Thailand has great diversity in regions and activities from the north with its beautiful mountain temples, trekking and interacting with gentle giants to the warm tropical beaches in the south.

Doi Suthep – Temple, Chiang Mai
interacting with gentle giants
Longtail boats for hire in Southern Islands
Longtail boat to chicken island
Rock Climbing

Europeans flock to the warmth of Thailands southern islands and sugar white tropical beaches to escape the frigged cold. Phuket, Phi Phi Island, Krabi and the coastal town of Hua Hin are all choice destinations along with many others to pick from.

Snorkel in the bay
Walking Street by day at Railey Beach, Krabi
Walking Street at dusk
Dine by the beach
Dinner in a cave
Casual at Walking Street restaurants

The nightlife is happening right off the beach. Walking Street on Railey Beach, Krabi comes alive at night with many excellent seafood restaurants and exciting night clubs, mostly open air.


Thai Food Art
Bangkok Street Food

What’s not to like about Thai food!  From their world-renowned street food to breathtaking roof-top restaurants.

Above Eleven, Soi 11 Bangkok

Bangkok also has the all the best of the world cuisines! The choice’s are unlimited.


I love the Thai culture of greeting with a wai, no handshake, and a smile.  It is the way of showing respect to one another when meeting or saying goodbye. Impatience, showing anger is not acceptable in this “land of smiles.”  one can feel safe walking anywhere day or night. Also. the diversity in Thai culture of Chinese and Indian makes for an interesting mix.  

New friends from around the world

I have made many friends from around the world during my past 9 years. Norway, Swedish, Iran, UK, China, France, on and on.  You find that people are just people in Thailand. The friendliness and smiles are contagious to all that visit.


I could go on and on, but I really just suggest just going, if for only one time to start, and see what a great country it truly is. 

December and January are the best months to visit. The temperatures are mild and humidity is at its lowest level and it’s dry season. 

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